As always the Shelby Registry appreciates your support. To help pay for our web site, list host fees, and program development we would appreciate any donation you can spare. This is a community effort and your support is always appreciated. If you can't spare anything, don't worry, the Shelby Registry is not going anywhere.

In order to make it convenient for everyone, I have opened a PayPal account that allows me to accept your donation with minimal hassle. If you have not registered with PayPal you will be able to do so after selecting you donation amount and clicking the donate button.

We also accept checks and money orders. Please make these payable to Bill Yohman.

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Dennis Fuller. I don't think anyone can deny the foresight that Dennis brought when he started the SDML. I hope that I can continue the contribution.

Tim Hawbaker. Tim's contribution will be fully realized very soon when we launch a new feature of the Shelby Registry.

Neil Emiro. Not only has his contribution been felt by those who have purchased his computers but he has been a valuable source of information and support.

Chris Papademetrious. Chris is the first person to donate funds directly to the Shelby Registry. Thanks Chris!

SDAC and Barry Goodall. This is a great moment for the SDAC, SDML and the Shelby Registry. Thanks to the Club for their generous support.

Steve Kalmes. Steve has given generously in donations as well as a lot of support over the years.

Rick Oates. A new supporter but we thank him greatly!

Peter Aguilar. Another new supporter!

Don't look at this list and think that these are the only folks who have helped. There are many, many more people who put a lot of effort into helping the Shelby Dodge community. If I have missed anyone (considering my memory), please contact me.