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List price: $14,995

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Based on the Dodge Shadow ES Turbo, Shelby converted the stock motor over to the same specification as the 1986 and 1987 GLHS.

The CSX had less radical components. The stock springs were replaced with high-rate, shortened ones and the shocks/struts were replaced with Monroe Formula GPs. The tubular rear anti-roll bar was replaced by a larger, solid one. The CSX had four-wheel disks adapted from the Daytona Shelby Z giving it a bit more grip. And of course we can't forget the obligatory Gatorbacks on Shelby wheels.

The stock interior added a large-gripped steering wheel with Shelby logo horn button and Carroll's signature Shelby dash plaque, "Shelby Automobiles" floor moldings and a blue Shelby Turbo decal on the boost gauge.

The exterior added slightly more radical front and rear airdams and sideskirts. The grill was replaced with one having a larger opening. The added decals consisted of a large circular Shelby badge in the center of the rear hatch and blue Shelby CSX decals on both doors and decklid, "Intercooled" sticker on the hood, CSX decal on the grill and a Shelby windshield decal.

Performance: Quarter mile of 15.4 seconds, 0-60 in 7.0 seconds and a top speed of 131 mph.