1988 CSX-T

Total Production: 1000

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Remember the Hertz GT-350Hs that many liked to rent and surreptitiously remove their engines? Well in 1988 Shelby produced the CSX-T, T meaning Thrifty Car Rental. The CSX-T was created solely as a Thrifty rental car, and could be rented for $34.95 per day. As with any rental car, most were sold to the public after their rental life was over.

The CSX-T spec'd out very much like the 87 CSX with a few differences. Unfortunately the CSX-T DID NOT have an intercooler. It featured the standard 1988 Dodge 2.2 liter turbo engine with no modifications. Because some intercooled 87 CSXs were sent to Thrifty, they were found to have too much power. Thrifty asked that the cars be de-tuned for the 88 year model.

The interior was stock but had a numbered dash plaque with the Thrifty logo rather than Carroll's signature.

The CSX-Ts where white with a gray lower body. The decals were revised to say CSX-T and the wheels were also changed; they were a new 15x6.5 5-spoke design in polished aluminum. These were the largest wheels ever stuffed beneath a Shelby.

It is rumored (I've seen no proof), two unique ones were made: one was intercooled and given to the Thrifty President and the other had a sunroof installed and was given to the president's daughter. If you know anything about these cars, please let me know.