1987 GLHS

Total Production: 1000

List Price: $12,995

Owner's Manual | Unique Parts List

The 1987 GLHS is almost identical to the 1986 GLHS. Shelby purchased the last 1000 black 87 Shelby Chargers from Dodge. These were outfitted with essentially the same engine mods as the 1986 GLHS. See the 1986 GLHS for the list of technical specifications.

On the outside things were very similar to the 86 GLHS. Besides black paint, there was a small tape stripe on the side, Shelby windshield decal, some other unique name-badge decals and the larger GLHS decal on the c-pillar.

All 87 GLHSs were equipped identically. They featured a moonroof, cassette stereo, center console, rear defroster, air conditioning, stainless steel exhaust, etc. There were no factory available options. Although many owners have added one, the 87 GLHS did not come with an armrest.

The 87 GLHS was heavier but more aerodynamic than the boxier 86 GLHS and it showed in higher top speed.

Performance: Quarter mile of 14.9 at 95mph, 0-60 in 6.7, and top speed of 134.