This is a list of the Shelbys I have registered. If you want to use this information please be aware that the Registry is copyrighted information. An e-mail prior to use will allow me to verify your intention and ensure the material is not posted in an inappropriate forum. Please take the time to do the right thing. Thanks.

If you own one of these numbered vehicles, please take the time to register. Click on the Register link at the bottom of the page.

Registered: 1662 of 6058 (27%)

1986 GLHS (258 of 500)

1987 GLHS (354 of 1000)

1987 CSX (229 of 750)

1987 Lancer (204 of 800)

1988 CSX-T (176 of 1000)

1989 CSX (181 of 500)

1989 Dakota (248 of 1500)