Supplemental Owner's Information

Congratulations and welcome to the elite group of Shelby Automobile owners.

Your 1988 Shelby CSX-T was built at the Shelby Automobiles assembly plant in Whittier, California. On the dashboard is a plaque signed by Carroll Shelby with your car's serial number signifying its limited quantity.

In addition to the many fine accessories normally included on a production Dodge Shadow, the Shelby CSX-T has as standard equipment racing style Shelby steering wheel and full analog instrumentation; one piece cast aluminum Shelby wheels; Shelby aero package including front grille, air dam, rear spoiler and side skirts; Goodyear Eagle 205/50 VR 15 Gatorbacks; Monroe Formula GP gas charged struts and shocks. Braking potential has been enhanced by the use of a specially designed four wheel disc brake system. Special graphics are also standard and identify your Shelby as a unique and special vehicle.

The booklet is intended to a supplement to the 1988 Dodge Owner's manual located in the glove box. You will notice it follows the same format, but only speaks to those areas which differ from the Dodge manual. Be sure to read both publication carefully. They should be stored in your car and remain with the vehicle if it is sold.

We, at Shelby Automobiles, hope you have as much fun owning and driving your new Shelby CSX-T as we had designing and building it.

NOTE: References made throughout your 1988 Shelby CSX-T Owner's Manual to the "Dodge Owner's Manual" are referring to the 1988 Dodge Shadow Operating Instructions & Product Information manual stored in the glove box.


The service interval recommended for engine oil change is every 7,500 miles or 6 months, whichever come first. The oil filter should be changed with every second oil change. All other system maintenance should be done as recommended by your Dodge Owner's manual.

The correct selection of engine oil is critical to insure optimum performance and maximum protection of all engine components requiring lubrication. Your Shelby CSX-T was originally equiped with Mobil 1 5W/30 motor oil. Shelby Automobiles strongly recommends when changing the oil, you select oil according to the following:

1. For warm climate conditions the engine oil recommended is Mobil 1 15/50, or a petroleum product with the same grade and with an API rating of SF/CD or SF/CC.