This booklet is intended to be a supplement to the 1987 Dodge Owner's manual located in the glove box. You will notice it follows the same format, but only speaks to those areas which differ from the Dodge manual. Be sure to read both publications carefully. They should be stored in your car and remain with the vehicle if it is sold.

We, at Shelby Automobiles, hope you have as much fun owning and driving your new Shelby CSX as we had designing and building it.

Note: References made throughout your 1987 Shelby CSX Owner's manual to the "Dodge Owner's manual" are referring to the 1987 Dodge Shadow Operating Instructions & Product Information manual stored in the glove box.

Section       1

Before Driving Your Vehicle

"Break-in" oil has not been installed in your Shelby CSX. During assembly, the oil was drained and Mobil 1 5W/30 was added. Mobil 1 is a synthetic oil and was chosen for its ability to protect the Shelby Turbo engine. Peak operating performance of your Shelby CSX can be maintained with the use of Mobil 1. Therefore, if the motor should require the addition of oil before regular scheduled maintenance, be sure to use Mobil 1.

Special driving practices are not required for a specific mileage period. Rather, the only concern during the first few thousand miles and thereafter, is to check the oil and water levels on a regular basis.

Section       2

Starting and Operating

When starting your Shelby CSX DO NOT use the throttle. The car should start just by turning the key to the start position. If the car does not start, return the key to the off position. Wait, then repeat the process. Be sure to depress the clutch and shift to neutral before turning the key. The car is not equipped with a switch to prevent it from starting when it is in gear.

If the car refuses to start after several attempts, call your local Shelby dealer for service.

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