Section       1

Before Driving Your Vehicle

The contents of this section are the same as they appear in the Chrysler Manual except as noted below.

Break-in Recommendations

In addition to the break-in recommendations cited in the Chrysler manual, Shelby Automobiles, Inc. points out that the crank case oil installed in the engine at the factory is of a type consistent with anticipated climate conditions. For proper replacement oil selection and maintenance intervals see Section 4 of this manual.

Section       2

Starting and Operating

The contents of this section are the same as they appear in the Chrysler Manual in addition to that noted below.

Front Strut and Rear Shock Adjustment

Your Shelby GLH-S is equipped with fully adjustable KONI shocks and struts. If you wish to change the dampening characteristics you will need to use the adjusting knob stored in the glove box.

1. Front Strut Adjustment

Take the adjusting knob which is supplied, open the hood and find the top of the front struts. The top end of the adjusting rod has flats over which the adjusting knob of the same configuration fits. Place the knob over the

KONI Adjustment

top end of the front strut and lock it in position by turning slowly until you feel the knob engage. Now turn the adjusting knob clockwise. If you feel resistance do not use force, as the strut is in the unadjusted position. Reverse the adjustment slightly and try again. To adjust the dampening force, the knob has to be turned in the direction of the arrow for increased dampening and the opposite direction for decreased dampening.

WARNING: Adjust both the left and right struts identically. Failure to do so could produce unstable handling and uneven tire tread wear.

Always take away the adjusting knob in order to prevent possible damage to the hood.

2. Rear Shock Adjustment

To adjust the rear shocks, open the rear hatch back and remove the black shock tower caps located on each side of the car behind the rear seat. Take the same adjusting knob provided and proceed according to the same procedure mentioned above.

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